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Clinton Campaign Ad

Hillary Clinton’s Advertising – Could Dial Testing Have Made the Difference?

Per AdvertisingAge, “Role Models” was one of the Clinton campaign’s most highly budgeted ads. (Image courtesy of NYDailyNews.com) Interesting article in AdvertisingAge this week by Simon Dumenco where he makes the case that one of the downfalls of the Clinton campaign was that their advertising in the critical weeks prior to the election […]

60 Minutes Frank Luntz dial testing

60 Minutes Taps Frank Luntz and Dial Testing to Gauge Mood of the Nation on Election Eve

On the eve of the presidential election, 60 Minutes ran a fascinating segment delving into the mood and sentiment of the nation in the last days before the election. The segment featured an interview with well-known pollster Frank Luntz and results from a dial testing focus group Luntz conducted using our Perception Analyzer dial […]

Meet the Dialsmith Team: Courtney Ulrich

It’s been a while since we had a new addition to our “Meet the Dialsmith Team” series, where we introduce you to our team members by making them respond to a short list of rapid-fire questions. Well, the wait was worth it as this time around, we profile our newest addition […]

Dial testing tips and expert advice from the Moment-to-Moment Research Playbook

New Resource: Moment-to-Moment Research Playbook

In the two years since we published our “Essentials of Moment-to-Moment Research” eBook, we’ve seen more than 1,000 downloads of the resource and received dozens of positive reviews. While much of the eBook content is still relevant, after 2 years, we decided it was time for a refresh. The new version, launched this […]

Paul Smith storytelling

What’s the Story with Market Research?
Q&A with Author and Leading Business Storytelling Expert Paul Smith

I think one of the most critical roles market researchers can play in the story development process is identifying the right stories to tell. There’s been an interesting convergence going on between the art of storytelling and the science of market research. And for those who’ve been following our blog, […]