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What is Dial Testing?

Dialsmith has been in the dial testing game for a long time. As the developer of the Perception Analyzer tools for focus groups and surveys, we support global clients with in-person and online research every day. However, if you’re new to dial testing you probably have many of the same […]

Trump and Carson React to the Dials

As mentioned previously on our blog, dial testing focus groups are popping up all over the networks during the early stages of this election year. Lee Carter of Maslansky & Partners is a frequent guest on Fox News’ daily morning news/talk program Fox & Friends where she provides commentary on the […]

10 Things Our Dials & Sliders Rated in 2015

Keeping up with our tradition of highlighting some of our more interesting and memorable projects of the year, this time we’re going bigger with 10 things our dials and sliders rated in 2015. (psst…we actually snuck in 11 so start scrolling and get them out!). Chronological order…no favoritism here! 1. […]

New Look, Better Content, Same Dialsmith

We’ve launched our new website today, and while we’re guessing this isn’t inspiring you to do a happy dance the way it is for us, we’ve made some rather significant upgrades that we think you’ll like and will hopefully keep you coming back for more. Here are some changes we […]

The Psychology Behind In-The-Moment Market Research (Part I)

Q&A with Dr. Ali Goode, Partner at house51 and expert in behavioral economics and the psychology of learning and memory. Here at Dialsmith we’re all about being in-the-moment. Not so much in the “carpe diem” way, but more so as the market research methodology—seeing how our solutions and services help clients understand the in-the-moment perceptions, […]