Recall and memory. Tricky things. Especially for market researchers. The market research industry has traditionally relied upon recall- and memory-based methods for gathering feedback and insights. But there’s mounting evidence out there that calls into question our ability to accurately remember and recall our feelings and experiences. So, why do market researchers continue to lean so heavily on recall and memory?

We, here at Dialsmith, thought that was a great question to explore. And we thought there’d be an audience in the market research community that would be interested in exploring that question with us.

So, we’ve launched an investigation to explore and expose the issues around memory and recall and its impact on market research. In addition, we’re also interested in exploring what can be done about this; what alternative methods are out there that can help mitigate recall and memory bias and are they working?

We invite you to review our evidence and conclusions, and join the discussion.


    • The problem (in market research) is when you get out there in the real world and start asking questions that you don’t know the right answer to, you have no other option than to take someone’s word for it. In that scenario, memory can cause all sorts of problems.
    • Dr. Elizabeth Loftus
    • Distinguished Professor & TED Presenter

Our Panel of Experts


    Andrew Jeavons

    Founder & Owner
    Mass Cognition

    Andrew Jeavons’ interest in text analytics goes back several decades, starting with the ICON text analysis language in the late 80’s. It’s culminated in his current position as owner of Mass Cognition, the company he founded as an affordable alternative solution for text analysis. Previously, Andrew served as CEO of leading SaaS survey platform company Survey Analytics.


    Elizabeth Loftus

    Distinguished Professor
    University of CA-Irvine

    Elizabeth Loftus is a psychologist and noted expert on human memory. For the last 30 years, her research has focused on the malleability of memory. A distinguished professor at the University of California-Irvine, Loftus holds faculty positions in Psychology and Social Behavior; Criminology, Law, and Society; and Cognitive Sciences. She has published 22 books (including the award-winning Eyewitness Testimony) and more than 500 scientific articles.


    Elizabeth Merrick

    Cust Insights Analytics

    Elizabeth Merrick is the Head of Customer Insight Analytics at Nest, a Google company focused on thoughtful home products. Her work focuses on global new product development, growing customer value, and strategic partner insights. Previously, Elizabeth was the Senior Manager of Customer Insights and CRM at omnichannel retailer, HSN.


    David Paull

    Founder & CEO

    For more than 15 years, David has spearheaded the continued development and worldwide adoption of technologies and services aimed at capturing in-the-moment opinions and perceptions. His company, Dialsmith, is the developer, marketer and seller of the Perception Analyzer® dial testing services—the gold standard dial testing tools for both in-person and online research.