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With more than 60 years of combined market research experience, our technical consulting team is singularly focused on delivering wins for you, your research team, and your clients.

As the developers of and worldwide service providers for the Perception Analyzer® dial testing solutions, no one else brings the depth of dial testing knowledge and experience that we do. Whether in-person or online, we have the know-how to ensure your projects run smoothly and efficiently from beginning to end.

Online Focus Groups

If you’ve done online qual, then you know that technology is the lynchpin of the operation. If you want a streamlined experience with your respondents, your recruiter has to ask more than, “Do you have WiFi?” 

At Dialsmith, we know what it takes to ensure respondents are set-up, distraction-free, and ready to engage.

We supply the meeting platform with Pentagon-level security encryption
We manage all the technical set-up needs including personal, extensive respondent tech checks (What’s included? See here.)
You get a live, DEDICATED tech support team member throughout your sessions
You get a secure and confidential backroom for client observations
You get a recording of each group as a deliverable–included in the project

🎯 We can also supply research design, moderation and reporting through our sister company, Lillian Labs.

Worried about Security?
We take it very seriously.

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Moment-to-Moment Dial Testing 

Here’s the deal; if you’re trying to find out what people really think, don’t ask them after-the-fact. Why? Our memory stinks. (It’s scientifically proven.)

Dial testing is how you overcome the impact of flawed memory by capturing what people think and feelin-the-moment.

This is done two ways; with hand-held dials in focus groups (in-person dial testing) and with an on-screen slider in surveys (online dial testing).

🎯 Stimuli we have dial tested: Mock trials, CEO keynotes, political speeches, live sporting events, Superbowl ads, movie trailers, infomercials, radio programming, reality TV, Broadway musicals… you get the idea.

What is dial testing? Here’s everything you ever wanted to know.

Online Dial Testing

Online dial testing can be used for a standalone project (for evaluating recorded video or audio.)

You can also integrate a dial test into other qualitative projects such as having respondents rate a video during a focus group, or having them rate content in advance to help guide your virtual discussion.

Quickly gather moment-to-moment feedback from your participants
Test any media format or length
Pairs with quant and qual tools you already use (eg., surveys, online focus groups, MRx communities)
Participants have flexibility to use their computer or tablet
24/7 reporting available through a portal

🎯 Online Dial Testing FAQ

Online Research Options

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In-Person Dial Testing

For in-person research, dial testing is used for two main purposes: 1) To capture continuous qualitative feedback on content (video/audio); and 2)To capture instant quantitative feedback to drive a deeper discussion.

Quickly gathers moment-to-moment feedback from your participant
Reduces recall-bias for more accurate findings
Eliminates group think by discreetly gathering personal opinions
Enables rapid testing of multiple stimuli (more data, less time)
Injects a quant component into your qual environment for richer results

🎯 What have we tested? Product brands & concepts, TV & radio content, advertising & sales presentations, political & policy messages, litigation presentations & arguments.

📞 We partner with top-notch focus group facilities around the globe. Need a recommendation? Contact us.

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Live-Stream Your Next Focus Group

Looking to live-stream your focus group for remote clients and observers? Our team offers a better and more cost-effective solution than the old standby.

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Full-Service Research

Our sister company, Lillian Labs, is a boutique team that specializes in all-things qualitative research.

Study design
Group moderation
In-Depth Interviews (IDIs)
MRx community boards
Analysis and reporting

This team has done it all, and are particularly experienced with product and concept testing.

🎯 What have they tested? Mobile devices, robotics, streaming services, wifi & business services, financial and insurance products, medical devices, cleaning products, appliances, personal care products… 

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