The (Not-So-Secret) Secret to a Smooth Online Qualitative Research Project

Online Qual Success Hinges on Comprehensive Tech Checks

Assessing the tech capabilities of your respondents in advance is CRUCIAL.

Tech checks- If you have done online qual, then you know that technology is the lynchpin of the operation. But it’s not just about the platform you use.  If you want a streamlined experience, you have do more than ask “Do you have Wifi?”. 

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Tech Checks Are a Key Part of the Recruiting Process

Our end-to-end tech check starts from the moment recruiting begins. We do this to catch potential tech issues upstream. This ensures a smooth experience both for the respondents and the client. Here’s how we do it. 

1- Recruiting Questions: We supply a list of 10 technical screener questions that will be used to qualify recruits. This prevents wasting time (and money) on recruits who do not have the technical capabilities to fit the need. The worst-case scenario is needing to dismiss a respondent on ‘game day’ due to tech issues.

2- Recruit Tech Screening: Before approving recruits, they must attend an online meeting to complete a series of deeper technical checks:

Step 1– Starts with automatic video recording to check:

🎧 Audio/Video quality

🌍 Computer system compatibility

🎯 Stable internet connectivity 

Step 2– As necessary, we’ll sometimes do a personal tech check follow-up call. We reach out directly to confirm more details:

📶 Confirm/assess WIFI speed and device

🖥 Ensure their comfort with the platform login 

⬇️ Help them pre-install any necessary conference software

🔆 As possible, coach them on lighting and camera framing

Step 3–  Event Check-in: On the day-of, we do a final tech check to:

😆 Verify identity if required

📸 Double-check camera and mic settings

👁 Orient them on the conference platform

Your time is valuable which is why we leave nothing to chance. As your technical partner, we do whatever it takes to make sure everything runs smoothly.   

If this is something we can help you with, please let us know. We pride ourselves on delivering premier-level service—and we’ve been doing it for more than a decade.


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