The Ultimate Dial Testing Research Playbook

Being in the market research biz, we tend to know the questions people are going to ask even before they ask them. Take, for example, our free, downloadable Dial Testing Research Playbook…

What’s a Dial Testing Playbook?

Well, dial testing is what we do here at Dialsmith so we know quite a bit about it. We’ve also partnered with many, highly regarded researchers who specialized in dial testing for the research they do. Between the expertise we have in-house and the expertise we’ve worked with, we have access to a pool of practical, real-world knowledge about dial testing that no one else has. We couldn’t let all that amazing knowledge go to waste. So, we got to work tapping into it and crafted it into a resource that you’ll want to keep handy whether you’re new to dial testing or have been using it for years.

What will I find in the Playbook?

The Playbook is packed with practical tips and real-world-vetted advice as well as interesting case study vignettes–all of which are aimed at helping you evaluate the value that dial testing can bring to your research as well as equip you with best practices so you can optimize the use of it.

Is this Playbook for me (and by “me,” we mean you)?

Well, if you’re looking to get up-to-speed on dial testing or help educate a client or colleague about it, then most definitely yes. But, the Playbook could also be worth a read if you’re looking for ways to expand the tools in your research toolkit or even explore a new methodology that might augment the research you’re already doing.

Okay, so how do I get it?

This is an easy one. Click either the link or image below (it’ll take you a preview of the Playbook and a form to request the full downloadable version). Happy reading, and if questions come up or you want to further explore how dial testing can help in a future study, please reach out.

Check out the Playbook:

online dial testing and moment-to-moment testing best practices guide