Live-Streaming Your Focus Group Has Finally Gotten A Facelift

Live Streaming for Focus Groups

Talk to anyone who’s used technology for live streaming in-person focus groups and they’ll tell you the same story. “Well, it’s serviceable.” Over the years, we’ve been conditioned to expect and accept “serviceable” because there were few, if any, alternatives available if you needed to live-stream a focus group to remote clients and observers. The good news is that’s all changing.

While the pandemic presented many challenges to the market research industry (especially the qualitative research sector), it also drove the industry into a long-overdue period of technological innovation and advancement. Much of that innovation involved pairing complimentary technologies to deliver similar experiences online to that which had traditionally only been done in-person. And now, with in-person research returning to the “new normal,” some of these innovations can be also applied to enhance field and facility research as well.

This is the case with Dialsmith’s new live-streaming service for in-person focus groups. We’ve paired best-in-class, collaborative web camera technology with our professional-grade online web conferencing platform to deliver a much-enhanced and lower cost, live-streaming focus group service that can be seamlessly added to our in-person dial testing consulting services.

Here’s what one research client who recently used Dialsmith’s live-streaming service had to say about it:

“Dialsmith’s live-streaming offered a completely different viewing experience for our remote observers. Unlike previous streaming options, it provides an interactive, close-up view of our participants with the ability to clearly see facial expressions and other types of non-verbal dynamics that are critical to fully grasp the context of the discussions.”

The main benefits of Dialsmith’s service over the industry-standard, live streaming service include:

  • Camera location places observers in the center of the conversation
  • Observer view includes multiple screens including straight-on face shots of the participant who is speaking
  • Hi-def web cam with fully immersive, 360 degree field of view and 360 degree audio
  • Lower cost

Interested? Please reach out for more information, to get pricing details or schedule a demo.

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