Security for Online Mock Juries and Online Litigation Research

High-profile clients. High-stakes results. Privacy and security are crucial.

The Covid 19 outbreak has caused most courthouses to pause in-person hearings. But the caseload hasn’t disappeared; in many cases, it’s moved online. Lawyers working virtually still need trial research and trial consultants still need to conduct mock juries.

Trial research and mock juries can be done effectively and securely online with the right partner and the right support.

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Here’s how we handle security for litigation clients:

◉ Dialsmith is a member of ZoomGov

This high-security web conferencing tool that is used by the Department of Justice and the Department of Defense.  We use this technology for all our online qual: online mock juries and online litigation research.

◉ Why we use it

Using the same encryption as the Pentagon gives our clients peace-of-mind. In addition, the video and audio quality is far superior.

◉ How is this different from commercial web conferencing service?

ZoomGov is built on a high security backbone: “GovCloud” by Amazon Web Services. GovCloud was built to serve sensitive areas of the US Government. This platform is compliant with federal security standards such as FedRAMP and HIPAA. You can find more information in this post.

◉ Why it’s good for our clients?

Through us, our clients can confidently and securely conduct any form of online research—including projects which require a high level of security or confidentiality.

➠High-profile litigation and jury research

➠ Patient healthcare interviews

➠ Pre-release media research (movies, TV pilots, speeches, political ads)

➠ Testing of sensitive or copyrighted materials

This robust level of security and encryption is your safeguard. It ensures clients and stakeholders that the important content you are testing will remain under your control.

More Information About Our Litigation Services

Dialsmith has been involved in litigation and jury research for decades. We are the developer of and worldwide service provider for the Perception Analyzer dial technologies, used for moment-by-moment message testing both online and in-person. In the case of litigation research, our tools are used to evaluate and refine opening statements, closing statements, witness testimony, and more.

In-person and Online Dial Testing resources:

Dial testing for trial and mock jury research e-guide (downloadable PDF)

Overview of online focus groups and online dial testing for trial research (downloadable PDF)

Learn more about federal-level security and encryption:

● FedRAMP security and encryption compliance  https://www.fedramp.gov/about/

● AWS GovCloud  https://aws.amazon.com/govcloud-us/?whats-new-ess.sort-by=item.additionalFields.postDateTime&whats-new-ess.sort-order=desc