Mock Jury and Trial Research in the New Normal of Virtual Research

Yes, in the new normal of social distancing and stay-at-home orders, courts are postponing hearings and trials, or moving them online. And many courthouses are currently empty. But the case load for litigators and the need for trial research hasn’t disappeared. Lawyers and their clients still need trial research, and trial consultants, who in the “old normal” typically conducted their research and mock juries in-person, need to quickly adapt to find ways to do what they do in the virtual world.

The good news, and it is sure nice to share some good news right now, is that trial consultants already have a dependable technology partner with a long track record of success in helping them deliver results for their clients. Yes, it’s Dialsmith. We’ve been providing technology services for mock juries, focus groups and online research for more than a decade. And any of the in-person mock jury, focus group and dial testing research that we’ve handled in the past, we can fully replicate online. So, no one has to figure this out all by themselves. We’re here to help.

Here are a couple of resources that’ll help get you up-to-speed:


Options for online litigation and jury research

Downloadable one-pager


online dial testing results






Short demo of online dial group



Please connect with us so we can talk about how we can help you continue to drive forward with your research and meet your clients’ needs.