Adding Real-Time Dial Testing To Your Online Focus Groups

Now dial testing can be conducted in real-time during your online focus groups.

If you are familiar with dial testing at all, you know it has been a mainstay of messaging, advertising, litigation, political, and media research.

Previously only available for in-person groups and surveys, now online focus groups can have the benefit of moment-by-moment feedback on any video stimuli. And this can be integrated into existing online focus group platforms.

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David Paull - Founder & CEO

“Dial testing is a critical component to understanding what respondents think in-the-moment. In a time when all qualitative research has to be done online, it’s important that this methodology remains available.”

David Paull, CEO, Dialsmith


Eric Alzuhn - VP Client Services“The engagement this creates for respondents and clients is a bit different than in-person, but it’s a quick adjustment. To ensure everyone has a smooth experience we provide dedicated tech support in each group to make sure all respondents are up and running and comfortable in advance. The moderator has enough on their plate in that moment.”

Eric Alzuhn, SVP, Dialsmith


There are two basic approaches based on client needs:

IN ADVANCE: We send a survey with video/s to respondents to dial test in advance. Clients then review the results in advance to prepare for the online focus groups. The moderator executes the online focus groups with all respondent or only the ones chosen from the survey to participate.

REAL-TIME: All respondents log on for the online session and receive a link for rating the video/s. The moderator and clients then view the results in real-time from the virtual ‘back room’. The moderator continues the discussion with all respondents or selects a breakout segment to remain. (Multiple breakouts are also possible.)


If you would like to get a demo for your organization, we are happy to do it. Just give us a shout.

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Overview of online services: http://www.dialsmith.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Dialsmith-Online-Dial-Testing-Overview.pdf