10 Types of Online Studies We’ve Done Post-COVID


Engagious Research Director (and colleague) Gina Derickson wrote a great article in Quirk’s recently where she asserted, “In my experience, almost anything that you can do in an in-person focus group, you can do online.” Gina should know, having designed and moderated hundreds of online qualitative studies in her decades as a research pro.

We, here at Dialsmith, don’t have Gina’s extensive background in online qual, but, in the post-COVID world, we’ve been working hard to prove her right, expanding, week-by-week, the playbook on online qual and the breadth of research we’ve been able to effectively deliver using our suite of online tools and services. As example, here’s some of the client work we’ve done over the past four months:

  • Entertainment: TV pilot testing
  • Media: talent reel testing
  • Consumer products: product positioning
  • Financial services: message testing
  • Healthcare/Insurance: message testing
  • Trial/Litigation: attorney presentations/arguments; mock trial
  • Pharma: product marketing to physicians
  • Political: swing voter focus groups; ad testing
  • Public policy: “Back-to-Normal Barometer” study; Mask wearing messaging study
  • Corporate communications: executive presentations

If you’ve had projects delayed or cancelled because clients thought they couldn’t be done effectively and securely online, please reach out so we can show you how our online options can help you move forward. We’re here to help.