A WHO in Blogville

Who is WHO – Beth is the WHO entering the world of blogging and sharing and other thingamamusings. Beth who? Who is Beth?  Why I am an entrepreneurial spirit Who began with a Panasonic VHS camera, and VCR when I was in High School way back in the way backs of the 80s.  I would spend hours video-taping weddings, little league playoffs,  corporate training videos, and other Whoville events, then spend even more hours editing  footage to create personal memories for all the big Whos who wanted memories of their little Whos.

Where now?

Just as the technology world has evolved so have I.  I now am with Dialsmith, LLC, and helping many Whos get the information and data they need to fill their own Whovilles with dreams and success.   My career has twisted and turned like many Dr. Suess adventures bringing me to this wonderful place.  Some things remain true and steadfast and one of those, no matter what the career choice or business I chose to run, consult with or work for, was an answer to a common question “What is your favorite business book, Beth?”

What book? Really?

If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss. “Really?” That’s the common response and my answer is an emphatic, “YES!”  Quite possibly it started with the first book I ever learned how to read as a very little Who – Go Dog Go. Or maybe it started with my first insights into conflict and war with The Butter Wars and The Lorax.  But no matter where it all began, to this day, after many days, months and years of business, sales and marketing, If I Ran the Zoo remains the trusted and true for this Who.

What now?

I hope you will return and read more as I continue to grow, blog and post using the insights gained from the great Dr. Seuss and his book – If I Ran the Zoo.