Autosize Moment-to-Moment Subset Labels

A challenge in formatting moment-to-moment overlay graphs with the Perception Analyzer® has been setting the font sizes for subset labels at a size that is large enough to be clear on a video overlay, but not so large as to be truncated by the edges of the available display area. Beginning in Perception Analyzer version 7.0, a feature called Auto-Resizing may be activated to automatically optimize the font size of subset labels. Auto-Resizing automatically reduces the font size of the labels to fit the space, no matter the number of labels, the length of text, or whether or not you are in Full Screen View. In fact, you can set your subset labels to the largest possible size (72pt.) and let PA do the rest.

Activate Auto-Resizing on the MtM (moment-to-moment) tab of the Display Properties dialog window. Note that in version 7.0, that dialog is only available from PA-Report.