Before and After

I always find it fascinating to see the before and after of a company’s website and logo redesign. So for those who are interested, I thought I’d share what we recently did at MSInteractive.

First the logos…

For the MSInteractive logo we just wanted a refresh. The general look and feel were good, but the font and color palette needed some work. Orange and blue didn’t really communicate what we’re all about, so we decided on a strong, progressive red with true black. This color palette, along with shades of gray, will now carry over into all MSInteractive and Perception Analyzer brand assets.




MSInteractive logo 1


The Perception Analyzer logo was in need of a full makeover and has definitely come a long way. We needed something that complimented the MSInteractive logo, while still giving the Perception Analyzer its own clean and modern identity.


PALogo-2002 (25%)


PA logo - new 


And finally, the website. This is, by far, the most drastic change we made. The old website was no only dated and overly simplistic, but it never really gave the visitor a way to fully understand what the Perception Analyzer is all about, how it can be used, what true benefits it offers and how MSInteractive may be of service to them. It also looked like poo (technical term for websites of lackluster appearance).





So that’s it in a nutshell. Months of work and thousands of dollars boiled down to one blog post, but we feel the end result much better represents our company and our offerings to clients and partners around the world. Hope you like it.