Best and Worst Airports 2004

J.D. Power & Associates has just released results from its annual Global Airport Satisfaction Index Study. Of large airports (30 million+ passengers/year), Hong Kong ranked best while JFK ranked worst.  My hometown airport in Portland (PDX) ranked 4/35 for medium-size airports (10 million to less than 30 million passengers/year).  Way to go PDX!

What I also find fascinating, and I think about this every time I go to the airport, is that according to the study 59% of passengers still check-in at the main ticket counter even though it takes longer (avg. 19 min.) than checking-in via kiosks or curbside.  Kiosks are used by 18% of passengers at an average of eight minutes and curbside is used by 10% of passengers at an average of 13 minutes.  I’m actually surprised kiosks were found to be faster than curbside as my experience is the opposite.  I find people are still confused by kiosks even though they really couldn’t be easier.  First, people seem afraid to approach an empty kiosk, then when they finally get up there they stare at the screen as if it were written in another language.  I personally love curbside check-in.  Those skycaps know what they’re doing and I’m always in and out fast. Though when not checking bags I have begun enjoying the convenience of checking-in online which the study shows is only being used by 5% of passengers.

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