What is Dial Testing? Redux (the video edition)

What is dial testing? This video explains.
One of our most viewed blog posts in recent months is one that addresses a question we get a lot here at Dialsmith, namely, “What is Dial Testing?” In the post, I offer an official answer to the question but then delve into the “give it to me straight…” answer based off of almost two decades of experience in seeing dial testing in action both in live groups as well as online. The post is great resource for anyone trying to get a deeper understanding of the unique benefits of dial testing and how it can help support and enhance your and/or your clients’ research work.

But today, we live in a world of online video, and so we’ve created a short (two-and-a-half minute) video that also answers the “What is Dial Testing?” question while illustrating how this methodology can uniquely uncover those “moments of truth” that can answer critical questions about whether or not your message, ad, story, speech, TV show, etc. is resonating with your audience and compelling them to action. I hope you’ll give the video (see below) a look and then contact us to discuss how dial testing can fit into your research approach moving forward. And please feel free to share this video with any clients or colleagues that have questions about dial testing.

Dialsmith Moments of Truth from David Paull on Vimeo.