Engagious Podcast: Elizabeth Merrick May, Customer Strategist at Nest

Elizabeth Merrick May, Nest
Elizabeth has been a client, co-presenter, and industry friend for years. From her days at HSN (formerly Home Shopping Network), to her role within the Market Research Association (MRA), to her strategy and insights work at Nest, Elizabeth is without a doubt one of the smartest and most talented people I’ve ever worked with. It’s my absolute honor to have her on this podcast.

In her current role leading customer strategy and experience analytics for the Nest brand at Google, focused on smart home products, Elizabeth leads a team of world-class analysts focused on global product development, customer experience, and customer value.

Here are some things you’ll learn from this conversation with Elizabeth:

@ 6:45 – What are some universal truths she’s learned about consumers?

@ 10:10 – How research across more than 20 countries has taught Elizabeth that, with small variations, people around the globe want the same things.

@ 12:00 – How to personalize a message in a way that is scalable – creating a message that is both a mass message and a one-to-one communication

@ 15:47 – What is a “Moment of Truth” and how is it influenced by repetition, relevance, and reward?

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