Engagious Podcast: Brian Gottlieb, In Business, Like Politics, Reputation is Everything

Engagious Podcast - Brian Gottlieb
Having worked as a staffer on Capitol Hill, public policy consultant, pollster, and corporate communication strategist, Brian Gottlieb knows a thing or two about getting a point across and engaging an audience. In this podcast, we dig in to Brian’s diverse career and get his take on a wide variety of topics. In this time of political divide and corporate reputation challenges, Brian’s experience and advice are particularly timely. I expect you’ll learn as much from him as I did.

In this conversation, Brian and I discuss:

@4:55  How political strategies can be used to solve corporate communication challenges

@9:40  Techniques to get people to open up and be honest in focus groups

@18:50  How to get people to rally around the need for a solution even when they may disagree on the cause of the problem

@26:10  Leadership techniques for fostering happiness, growth, and commitment from employees

@31:30  How to be professionally successful and still take time out to enjoy life

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Thanks for listening and I hope your time spent with our podcast has brought you value. If you have any comments or suggestions on who would be great for us to talk with in future episodes, please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, #BeEngagious