Engagious Podcast: Carla Johnson, Architecting the Story Experience

Engagious Podcast - Carla Johnson
Hot on the heels of our Harris III conversation, we have another great chat with master storyteller Carla Johnson. What makes Carla unique is her focus on shifting people from being recipients of a story to actually having an experience related to the story. We explore how that can be done, the benefits to consumers, and which brands are already starting to embrace that technique.

In this conversation we discuss:

@4:30    The difference between two-dimensional storytelling and three-dimensional customer experience.

@11:05    How storytelling can drive change within an organization.

@16:50    What is Brand Attachment Disorder and how to avoid it?!

If you liked this episode, I also recommend that you check out my conversation with Harris III where we discuss the importance of “wow over how,” and how he uses his skills as a master illusionist to craft amazing stories and engage audiences.

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Until next time, #BeEngagious.