Engagious Podcast: Lonnie Mayne, Positive Power & Red Shoes Living

Engagious Podcast Lonnie Mayne
What can a pair of red shoes teach us about running a business and delighting customers? Quite a lot, actually. I had the pleasure of hearing a keynote by Lonnie Mayne, founder of Red Shoes Living. RSL is a consultancy build around Lonnie’s five pillars for standing out for the positive in everything we do. Following that keynote, and in advance of his book launch, Lonnie and I sat down to discuss the Red Shoes Living framework and how to start applying it to your life and business right away.

In this conversation we discuss:

@3:57  What’s the big idea behind Red Shoes Living?

@8:40  What are the five steps in the Red Shoes Living framework?

@11:30  What are some things you can do immediately to start embracing the Red Shoes philosophy?

To learn much more about Red Shoes Living and how to apply it to your work and life, check out Lonnie’s new book.

Thanks to the Insights Association for partnering with us on this episode and introducing us to Lonnie at the Insights Leadership Conference.

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