It’s actually Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer

As happens every four years, the presidential election, and specifically the debates, have brought the Perception Analyzer to the forefront of media attention. While it is used every day around the world for focus groups, advertising and television program testing, mock juries, and meetings, it is also heavily used during major election cycles to test issues, positions, ads, and debate performance.

In all four nationally televised debates this season, the Perception Analyzer will be used (as it always has been) to evaluate opinions of registered Democrats, Republicans and Independents as they watch and form opinions from the debates. The Perception Analyzer’s use has been popularized in the media by Dr. Frank Luntz and is also featured on news networks such as CNN, FOX News and MSNBC. And as the previous post highlights, even Comedy Central has had some fun with it.

The main confusion I want to clear up is, the Perception Analyzer is developed, marketed and supported by, Dialsmith.  Anyone who is interested may work with Dialsmith on a for-hire basis to integrate the Perception Analyzer into their research sessions or even purchase a system for themselves.

For 25 years the Perception Analyzer has played a role in opinion polling during every election cycle, both domestically and in many countries around the world, and Dialsmith is proud to continue that strong tradition.