Shake It Up

I like the notions behind the so-called credo of Kevin Roberts (CEO Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi) from a recent Tom Peters presentation.

1. Ready. Fire! Aim.
2. If it ain’t broke…Break it!
3. Hire crazies.
4. Ask dumb questions.
5. Pursue failure.
6. Lead, follow…or get out of the way!
7. Spread confusion.
8. Ditch your office.
9. Read odd stuff.
10. Avoid moderation!

The common theme seems to be to shake things up. Resist the status quo and open your mind to what’s possible, not just what’s easy or in front of you. Not for everyone I suppose, but I like it.

For further insight into Kevin Robert’s philosophies, I also found interesting these 40 thoughts.