Medius Overwhemlus

I think it was the addition of 3000 podcasts to iTunes that finally put me over the edge.  With limited non-working, non-sleeping, non-parenting and non-husbanding hours in the day, there is now way too much media available.  In addition to 3000 podcasts (plus all the others not available through iTunes) there are millions of blogs, countless other websites, hundreds of cable and satellite TV channels, hundreds more satellite radio stations and good old terrestrial radio, print magazines and newspapers.  It has not only become stressful to decide what media to consume, but it has also become stressful to think about how much I’m missing.

So, the question is, when will the bubble burst?  When will people become so overwhelmed by what’s available that they start resisting it?  I’m starting to feel that urge for the first time and I’m not sure what to do with it.