Out of Pocket

According to this article, teachers spend an annual average of $458 dollars out-of-pocket on school supplies for their students. We’re talking basics like paper, printer cartridges and pencils. Some receive partial reimbursements and/or tax breaks, but those are getting harder to come by and many teachers say they will still do it because the kids need it. Contrast this to expense reports we are all surely used to submitting and approving that include every nickel and dime, from big ticket items to a box of paper clips purchased while on the road. I’m not saying that everyone shouldn’t be reimbursed for every penny, because they could be, but the dedication shown by these teachers is amazing.

The article also plugs and web site that matches teachers in need of supplies with those in a position to donate. I’ll do my part and plug it here as well. iLoveSchools.com