Perception Analyzer is a funny name

In addition to whether or not people like seeing real-time dial results on-air during the presidential debates (as seen on CNN) or during post-debate discussion (as seen on MSNBC and FOX News), much has also been made about the name “Perception Analyzer.” So I’ll just admit it…Perception Analyzer isn’t the world’s greatest name.  It’s just one of those names that says what the product does. Much like the Bedazzler bedazzles and the In Sink Erator erates (yes, I know it’s not a word) anything (well, almost anything) in your sink, the Perception Analyzer helps analyze perceptions.

The Perception Analyzer® (yes, MSInteractive has a registered trademark on the name) was named in 1984 and clearly didn’t undergo the rigor of naming research that we advocate for our clients today. While that was long before my involvement, I assume the process consisted of the inventor saying to himself, “Hmm, wonder what to call this analyzer of perceptions?” Enough said…

So yes, it’s a bit of a funny name, but I bet Steve Jobs got some looks in the early days over Apple and the Google guys certainly had some splainin’ to do and look how well those turned out.

So judge the tool not by what it’s called, but rather by how bedazzlingly well it has helped organizations conduct research, collect feedback and make critical decisions for nearly 25 years.