Sights and Sounds: Qualtrics Insight Summit

This was Dialsmith’s first year attending the Qualtrics Insights Summit as an official Qualtrics Innovation Exchange partner and exhibitor. Founder & CEO David Paull and Manager of Online Products & Client Services Aaron Korach represented the Dialsmith contingent and helped welcome attendees to our online dial testing demo as part of the “Voice of the People” experience in the exhibit hall. David and Aaron reported back on the sights and sounds of the Qualtrics Insights Summit with this short photo album and some takeaways.

From our CEO, David Paull:

“I’ve been to a ton of industry events and few have been as well organized, and had as much interesting and relevant content, as the Qualtrics Summit. I was struck by the diversity of potential clients and partners I was able to talk with all in one place. “

From our Manager of Online Products and Client Services, Aaron Korach:

The Qualtrics crew likes to have fun and are knowledgeable about the power of insights.  And they care about the business of research and want all clients to be able to take advantage of the tools that they have to offer. This conference brought together Qualtrics users of all types. Professional researchers, corporate clients, education users.  It was great to provide exposure of our tools to such a diverse group of online research professionals.” 

You can learn more about our partnership with Qualtrics and how you can add online dial testing to your Qualtrics surveys here