Talk vs. Type

It's a topic that comes up a lot when dealing with clients and colleagues…when to send an email and when to pick up the phone? I got to thinking about this again today after reading this tweet by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com, "Even though it's low-tech, one of the best forms of social media is the telephone. (That's why our 1-800 # is on every page.)"

I am definitely more of an email guy. I think it comes from the early days of my career when I was in outside sales and made a ton of cold calls. I've never been a fan of interrupting someone by phone when I can instead craft an email and let them respond at their convenience. I also find it easier to formulate my thoughts in writing. But I often deal with people who say, "Just pick up the phone already!"

I know a phone conversation can often be more efficient and lead to a faster resolution than going back and forth on email. So it's probably a matter of balance and using the right tool for the job at hand (or the communication of the moment).

All things being equal, are you a talker or a typer and why?