Full-Service Focus Groups Online? Yep.

full-service online focus groups

Forget DIY.

You have a lot of new things to worry about.
Producing online focus groups should NOT be one of them. 

Virtual focus groups have all the complexities of a live event- with some added technical challenges thrown in. Lean on us because this is what we do.

Secure, One-Stop, Premier: S.O.P. Online Focus Groups
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    1. SECURITY is never a question. Our platform uses the same secure conferencing platform as the Pentagon and the CDC, which is also HIPAA-compliant.
    2. We’re your ONE-STOP shop for full-service online research, managing all the background tasks so you can focus on the research.
    3. We prep for and produce your online focus group with the same high-touch, PREMIER SERVICE we deliver for our in-person projects.

▶︎ Tell Me More… This DIY thing is ridiculous. 


Here is the full-service we deliver for each of your projects:

▸ Manage respondents

▸ Manage virtual-backroom client-viewing

▸ Manage recruiting (opt)

▸ Manage technical set-up with each respondent

▸ Produce the event together with the moderator

▸ Produce your deliverables in the format you need (opt)

▸ Assign highly technical staff to every stage of your project

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Your project will be assigned 3 team members:

Pre-Production Tech

▸ Sets up the environment

▸ Performs technical checks with each respondent days in advance

▸ Sets up the communication channels between us, our client, and their client

Technical Director

▸ Runs the session with the moderator and

▸ Manages all technical details

▻ Screen-sharing

▻ Switching between discussion and dial testing of videos

▻ Playing videos; Taking polls

Services Tech

▸ Works backstage during the event

▸ Fields respondent technical questions in real-time

Who is our staff?

We only have senior technical staff—that’s how we achieve the white-glove service we’re known for. You will always get the A-team because that’s all we have