Time to Make the…um…Coffee???

Fast Company has published a very interesting web-only article entitled “It’s Not About the Donuts” that looks at Dunkin’ Donuts’ current strategy to go after part of Starbucks’ share of the coffee and espresso beverage market.

Knowing it can’t win on customer experience, Dunkin’ is going after Starbucks on speed and price by getting customers in and out faster with up to 40% lower prices for drinks made from their award winning beans.  Did you know, according to the article, that 57% of Dunkin’ Donuts’ sales come from beverages, not doughnuts (or other food items)?  How about the fact that Dunkin’ sells 16% (2.8 million cups) of all coffee sold by the cup in the U.S.?  With 700-100 new Dunkin’ locations opening each year, it could get interesting.