TiVo Finally Gives Advertisers Something to Be Happy About

TiVo recently announced advertiser billboards and opt-in logos that will appear on-screen when viewers fast forward through commercials.  While this will surely please advertisers struggling to reach trigger-happy viewers, I can’t imagine TiVo’s fanatic customers are going to be all too happy.

My first reaction is that it’s not TiVo’s job to appeal to advertisers.  It’s TiVo’s job to appeal to its customers – viewers who pay $100-$200 for receivers and $13 per month for service.  I can see TiVo selling viewership data (also referenced in the article) so advertisers and programmers may better understand people’s viewing habits, but aligning with advertisers to circumvent the ad skipping that TiVo made possible (and extremely popular) in the first place is likely to leave customer feeling cheated.

via [PVRblog]