Top 5 things our dials and sliders rated in 2014

Every year our Perception Analyzer dials, and Perception Analyzer Online and Slidermetrix sliders, are used to rate some pretty cool stuff and 2014 was no exception. Here are the top 5 things our dials and sliders got moving on this year:

Consumer Electronics Show Keynote (CES)
Portland techies give Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer a piece of their mind


State of the Union
The Lines Are At It Again: Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer Featured in Reporting of President’s State of the Union


Super Bowl ads
Everything You Need to Know About Our Super Bowl Ad Ratings in 10 Bullets!


Food Network Star
Dialing In on Alton Brown’s “Little Friend”

food network

Tough customers!
Perception Analyzer Passes the Test with Preschoolers