TV: Online and On Demand

I just watched the first NBC Nightly News Netcast.  It’s an online replay of the NBC Nightly News available after 10:00pm each night.  The netcast opens with an ad or two, launches into the program and breaks twice more for a couple of ads each time.  One interesting ad model I observed was when an video ad for Listerine played in the left pane and a still ad for Listerine was served-up in the right pane.  If interested, you can click the right pane to go to the Listerine website.  That model could certainly be effective if the two ads worked synergistically to use the video ad to drive viewers to click for more information or to continue with an interactive experience.

Between this netcast, NBC and CBS selling reruns for $0.99 and ABC making content available through iTunes, television and its ad models are certainly changing.