What Do You Mean, No PowerPoint?

I had an interesting conversation with a coworker this morning about ways to differentiate oneself during presentations by not giving the same old text-heavy PowerPoint presentation that most people fall back on. What we started wondering was, what would one do if they were told no PowerPoint was allowed in a presentation? How would one combine the presentation styles of days of old (before PPT) with innovative approaches that would set them apart.

I’m a big fan of Cliff Atkinson’s Beyond Bullets blog and firmly believe that PowerPoint should be a supporting tool for presentations, not simply a means to project every word one plans to say. But, I wonder how much more attentive prospects and customers would be if we dropped the PowerPoint presentation altogether and did something completely different?

Does anyone have any creative ideas for how they would drive a presentation in the absence of PowerPoint? Anything you have done, witnessed or thought of? Leave your ideas as a comment on this post and I’ll summarize in a future post.