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advertising-researchAdvertisers have just seconds to captivate audiences and convince them to take action. Dialsmith provides products and solutions that gather moment-to-moment data throughout the course of the ad to provide critical insights for editing before the ad hits the market. Want more information about how to test your ad to ensure it leaves an impression? Take a look through our advertising research resources below, or contact us for more information.

Advertising Research Products and Solutions

Solutions by Dialsmith

Dial testing gives you access to real-time data that tells you what your audience is thinking and feeling in-the-moment. Tapping into these experiences as they happen uncovers critical “moments of truth” that drive deeper, more focused qualitative discussions and impactful results. Dialsmith provides best-in-industry dial testing solutions to researchers across various industries: media and entertainment, marketing and advertising, political and public policy, litigation, CPG and more.

Products by Dialsmith

Dialsmith develops, sells and supports the best-in-industry dial testing solutions for in-person (focus groups and live events) and online research (surveys, focus groups and communities).  We also provide a full range of consulting services for both in-person and online dial testing focus groups.

Advertising Research Resources

Webinar (On-Demand): Beyond the Dials: Moving Moment-to-Moment Research Online

Presented originally at the 2014 CASRO Technology & Innovation event

Traditionally, “moment-to-moment research” has been conducted offline with groups using dials. Recently, to meet client demand for larger samples, faster turnaround and cost efficiency, moment-to-moment has moved online. In this presentation, find out how HSN, a company at the forefront of this mode of research, has utilized new online tools and approaches to engage its consumer community and understand how community members feel in the moment about what they’re seeing, hearing and experiencing.

Free eBook: Essentials of Moment-to-Moment Research

This eBook provides practical, field-tested advice, tips and insights from researchers who have been using the Moment-to-Moment methodology in their own consulting projects for years. It’s written as a helpful and easily reference-able resource to help the research community get the most out of the methodology and to address some of the most common questions we hear from clients.

Report: 2015 Super Bowl Slidermetrix® Ad Ratings

Rankings of the 2015 Super Bowl advertisements based off of second-by-second online dial ratings. Ratings and data were collected by Dialsmith using Slidermetrix and in partnership with the online video industry news and commentary site VideoInk.

DIAL.LOG Blog: UVA Ad Team Scores Best Research Award (Assist to Dialsmith)

Sometimes when corporate and academic research collide, really cool things happen. One such case is a project by the esteemed University of Virginia (UVA) McIntire School of Commerce and their student advertising competition efforts. For the second year in a row, Dialsmith has had the privilege to work with their ad team, and this year they took top marks for research—a category near and dear to our hearts! Here’s how it went down and how UVA’s team was able to leverage our technology to reveal critical moments of truth that helped them refine their advertising and keep their messaging on target.

DIAL.LOG Blog: Q&A with Kellogg School’s Brand Expert Tim Calkins

Tim is clinical professor of marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and co-academic director of Kellogg’s branding program. He has studied and analyzed the strategies employed by Super Bowl advertisers for almost two decades and leads the Kellogg Super Bowl Advertising Review. We crossed paths with Tim as both he and Dialsmith CEO David Paull participated in this market research panel which discussed and dissected the spots that ran during this year’s Big Game. Tim had some great insights during the panel discussion so we asked (and he graciously agreed) to dive deeper with us on his research approach and what he’s learned from his years of studying these ads and the companies that invest in them.

DIAL.LOG Blog: Results Are In! What We Learned from this Year’s Super Bowl Ads

While everyone was busy digesting the on-field action as well as all those wings, nachos, pizza, etc. during the Super Bowl, our Dialsmith team was busy trying to make sense of the Slidermetrix polling we were seeing on the Super Bowl ads. As a quick refresher before we jump into the results, we use Slidermetrix to measure “gut reaction” to these ads. Using Slidermetrix, we ask viewers to watch and continuously rate the ads on a scale from 0 (Hate It!) to 100 (Love It!) using an on-screen slider. We collect data on the slider position every second as the viewer watches, which allows us to report on how they are reacting in-the-moment to what they are experiencing.

DIAL.LOG Blog: Hey Online Advertisers… Better Make Those First Two Seconds Count

Interesting AdWeek article discussing the new online video advertising viewability metrics announced by the Media Ratings Council over the past few weeks. While online advertisers acknowledge the need for a standard, the new metrics have ruffled some feathers because advertisers will now be paying for ad views after only the first two seconds that an ad is viewed regardless of whether the remainder of the ad is viewed or not. Two seconds? Thousands of dollars invested on two seconds?