Conducting Dial Testing Research | Expert Advice, Tips & Best Practices

How to conduct dial testing

We’ve tapped more than 50 years of combined experience running and supporting live dial testing groups to gather practical field advice, tips and best practices to help you get the most out of your dial testing groups and achieve your research goals. Here are several handpicked resources that will help you get the job done right.

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Dial testing tips and expert advice from the Moment-to-Moment Research PlaybookEssentials of Moment-to-Moment Research Playbook


This Playbook provides practical, field-tested advice, tips and insights from researchers who have been using the Moment-to-Moment methodology in their own consulting projects for years. It’s written as a helpful and easily reference-able resource to help the research community get the most out of the methodology and to address some of the most common questions we hear from clients.


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Live dial testing groupsRevelations in Moment-to-Moment Research


Learn how CNN has incorporated Moment-to-Moment as a critical component to their political news coverage; learn how HSN has used this approach to engage with and learn from their Insider Community; and learn how media researchers are blending online and offline Moment-to-Moment to meet client needs.



Perception Analyzer dial testing systemNew Perception Analyzer 9.0 and 9.0 Media
Q&A with Dialsmith VP of Products and Support Dan Welch


Dialsmith recently released two new versions of our signature Perception Analyzer (PA) dial testing tool—PA 9.0 and PA 9.0 Media. So, what are these upgrades about and how do they help you do dial testing better? For answers, we went directly to the source… Dan Welch, Dialsmith’s VP of Products and Support.


Three Key Factors in Market Research Study DesignThree Key Factors in Market Research Study Design…
What are they and how do you nail them?


A recent Greenbook GRIT Report identified a list of the most important factors in study design by both clients and suppliers. We’ll save you the time of tracking down and reading the whole 88-page report by calling out three key factors and detailing how you can be sure to nail each of them when designing your next research study.


Dial testing for online researchMoment-to-Moment Cheat Sheet: Online Research vs In-Person Research 


Moment-to-Moment research (aka dial testing) has traditionally been conducted in-person, the use of online moment-to-moment is becoming much more prevalent. So, how do you know which will work for your next project?


Have dials will travelHave Dials, Will Travel… Q&A with Optimization Group’s Renee Cameron


Renee Cameron been conducting dial testing focus groups for more than two decades and as a founding partner and now Global Account Director of The Optimization Group, Renee continues to rely on dial testing as a key research method. With so much real world dial testing experience under her belt, Renee can provide some invaluable perspectives and insights on how this research tool has impacted her work and career.