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On-Demand (Recorded) Webinars

Beyond the Dials: Moving Moment-to-Moment Research Online

Originally presented at the 2014 CASRO Technology & Innovation event

Traditionally, “moment-to-moment research” has been conducted offline with groups using dials. Recently, to meet client demand for larger samples, faster turnaround and cost efficiency, moment-to-moment has moved online. In this presentation, find out how HSN, a company at the forefront of this mode of research, has utilized new online tools and approaches to engage its consumer community and understand how community members feel in the moment about what they’re seeing, hearing and experiencing.

What you’ll learn:

  • Best practices in online moment-to-moment dial testing research
  • How HSN uses state-of-the-art market research technology to conduct blended qual-quant research online
  • What type of results you can get from online moment-to-moment dial testing
  • Tips on how you can design your online study to maximize the impact of the results

Event Date: May 29, 2014  Length: 14:31  VIEW IT >

Expanding Your Online Toolkit featuring Vision Critical & Dialsmith

Find out how complementary technologies from Vision Critical and Dialsmith are equipping researchers with new online tools for gathering deeper, more actionable qualitative results at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methodologies.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand how this combined VC/Dialsmith approach works and what it can deliver
  • Hear about the results this approach is delivering for VC clients and how it’s helping them meet their objectives
  • Get best practice advice and tips for optimizing the use of these technologies
  • Ask questions of our experts that will help you formulate how your research can benefit from this approach

Event Date: April 1, 2014  Length: 59:56  VIEW IT >

Revelations in Moment-to-Moment Research

Sponsored by the Marketing Research Association

Go behind the viewing glass to get insights and compare notes with some of the most experienced Moment-to-Moment experts in the field. Learn how CNN has incorporated Moment-to-Moment as a critical component to their political news coverage. Learn how HSN is using Moment-to-Moment to engage with and learn from their Insider Community. Learn how media researchers are blending online and offline Moment-to-Moment in the same project to meet client needs.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why moment-to-moment research adds value to qualitative research
  • High profile, real-world examples of how moment-to-moment research can be applied both in live and online research settings
  • How CNN uses in-person dial testing to add value to its political coverage of key events
  • How HSN uses online dial testing to inform critical program decision-making

Event Date: December 11, 2013  Length: 52:17  VIEW IT >

Re-Thinking the Focus Group

Using complimentary technologies—FocusVision and Perception Analyzer—to make data more actionable and do more with your results.

What you’ll learn:

  • How FocusVision’s VideoStreaming and Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer can be paired to provide remote viewing of live, in-person dial testing sessions
  • Real-world example of how Greenberg Quinlan Rosner uses FocusVision and the Perception Analyzer to execute an aggressive research plan for the Presidential State of the Union Address
  • Where these technologies might be heading and how it will impact future research approaches

Event Date: June 5, 2013  Length: 56:37  VIEW IT >