What Makes a Winning Super Bowl Ad?

At $5 million a pop, Super Bowl ads are a big risk, big reward business. You’d think with so much on the line, the brands buying those time slots would make every effort to ensure their ads hit the mark and deliver on the investment. But, as we’ve seen over the years, that simply does not always appear to be the case. Every year, provides a fascinating case study into the marketing psyche of these brands and how audiences engage or fail to engage with them.

Here at Dialsmith, we’ve been studying the Super Bowl ads using our Slidermetrix moment-to-moment ratings tool since 2012. We’ve tracked, tallied and deciphered results and followed the trends every year and have developed our own knowledge base of information on the topic. Please feel free to check out the highlights below and be sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates and reports on the coming year’s Super Bowl ads.