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2016 Super Bowl Ad Ratings Report powered by Slidermetrix

Super Bowl 2016 ad ratings Slidermetrix resultsDownloadable report of second-by-second ratings results of the 2016 Super Bowl ads based on more than 3,000 unique ratings collected with Dialsmith’s Slidermetrix tool.

Ratings for 56 Super Bowl ads were conducted using Dialsmith’s Slidermetrix application, which allows viewers to continuously rate an ad as they view it using an on-screen slider with a scale from 0 (“Hate It!”) to 100 (“Love It!”). The average of each viewer’s slider position during every second of the ad results in a cumulative mean score for that ad, which determines each ad’s ranking in the report. Unlike other online ratings, Slidermetrix also identifies the highest rated and lowest rated seconds from each ad, helping to parse out key moments where an ad is particularly impactful or where it completely misses the mark.

Report: 2016 Super Bowl Ad Ratings powered by Slidermetrix

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