Perception Analyzer Licensing Privacy

License activation is mandatory to run the Perception Analyzer software.

During initial activation and periodic revalidation, information is sent to Dialsmith*, such as:

  • The Perception Analyzer software product code, which is a five-digit code that identifies the product you are activating
  • The date of installation
  • Information that helps confirm that the product key information has not been altered
  • A number generated from the computer’s hardware configuration. This number does not represent any personal information or information about the software. It cannot be used to determine the make or model of the computer and it cannot be calculated to determine any additional information about your computer.
  • The computer’s Windows name**
  • The Windows user name of the user logged in to Windows at the time of activation**
  • The IP address of the computer at the time of the action
  • Whether the action was an activation or a deactivation

If you are unable to complete activation, you might receive a message with a link to a Web site where you can learn more about why activation failed. If you choose to follow that link, information about why the activation failed is sent to Dialsmith. This information might include information normally sent during activation as listed above.

*Any reference to Dialsmith in this statement also includes its third-party licensing service.

**Information collected about the computer’s Windows name and Windows user name may contain information that could personally identify you. Any information collected may be used to verify the licensee’s use of the software. This software-use information may be used to determine whether information about Dialsmith products will be provided to contacts-of-record for the licensee.