Perception Analyzer Licensing

Dialsmith issues a 28-character software product license key code to system owners that allows operation of the Perception Analyzer software when the license code is entered, activated and validated on a computer on which the software is installed. Usually, the only time the license key code needs to be entered on a computer is during software installation.

The same license key code is entered when installing the software on all of the system owner’s computers, and each computer uses one of a finite number of allowed concurrent activations of the license key. If all allowed activations are in use, an activation may be deactivated on one computer and reactivated on another (for example, if a new computer is purchased). Deactivation may be done in the Software Configuration application available in the Perception Analyzer Start Menu group.

In the event an activated computer is lost, stolen or damaged such that deactivation cannot be completed, the system owner may contact Dialsmith technical support for deactivation. In most cases a computer’s license key activation will continue to be valid in the event of the replacement/reformatting of the computer’s hard-drive or motherboard. Please note that a computer’s license key activation will be invalidated if the computer’s clock is reset or the key itself is manipulated in any way.

A computer’s software product license key activation for all Perception Analyzer applications is silently re-validated every time any particular Perception Analyzer application is launched while the computer is connected to the Internet. If Internet access is not available, the software will continue to function normally for up to 30 days after the prior successful silent validation. The first time a Perception Analyzer application is launched more than 30 days after the last successful Internet revalidation, a 7-day grace period will commence in which the software will continue to function without Internet validation. The user will be notified of the remaining duration of the grace period each time a Perception Analyzer application is launched during the grace period. If a successful Internet re-validation of the software license key activation does not occur before the end of the 7-day grace period, the software will stop functioning until a successful Internet re-validation occurs.