Perception Analyzer 9.0 Media Set Up Overview

PA 9.0 Media set up overview (PDF)

PA 9.0 Media simplifies system set up as many key reporting and display features that previously required external equipment can now be handled natively in the PA 9.0 Media software. Here’s a diagram of the set up using our recommended HD Display Connection Kit, which can be sourced through Dialsmith as well.

PA 9.0 Media Set Up

  • PA 9.0 Media software now handles playback of your test media on the participant display and generates the overlay for your client display without the need for an external overlay device
  • After the session, PAReport can export a digital video of your overlay recording, eliminating the need for live recording in-session
  • Recommended dual-output USB-to-HD video adapter provides the same output connection on any computer you use
  • With recommended EDID emulators, your external displays will configure the same way every time, even when using different monitors

Optional HD Display Connection Kit includes:

  • Dual-output USB-to-HDMI adapter
  • Two (2) EDID emulators w/ cables (for participant output and for results output)
  • Three (3) 50-ft active-HDMI cables and Two (2) HDMI cable couplers
  • One (1) 25-ft HDMI cable
  • 1 x 4 HDMI distribution amplifier

Please contact Dialsmith Support if you’d like more information or pricing on the optional HD Display Connection Kit or with any questions regarding PA 9.0 Media set up and configuration.