Dialsmith is located in scenic Portland, Oregon || dial testing
Based in beautiful Portland, Oregon, and with clients and partners in more than 45 countries, we are a team of technologists, consultants and marketers who wake up every day passionate about helping you uncover critical moments of truth and learn what your audience thinks and feels in the moment. Whether in-person, online or mobile, we’ve got your research needs covered.


Got a question or need a bid? Maybe schedule a demo or brainstorm? Whatever you need, give us a shout. Our team is ready to help.


Our sister company, Lillian Labs, is a boutique agency specializing in qualitative research. Their sweet spot is pulling out front-end insights for Products, Concepts & Messages.


We’re an eclectic bunch but we all share a passion for the work we do, new technologies and going the extra mile to help our clients knock it out of the park.


Dialsmith has a code–a rulebook of sorts–that keeps us doing what we’re doing the way we want to do it. The Dialsmith Code was developed by our founder/CEO David Paull, but it’s not a stretch to say that these concepts are so ingrained that they could’ve come from any of our Dialsmith team members.


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