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Gathering dial data is an advantage [because]… people are far better at reporting how they feel ‘in the moment’ than trying to recall what they felt in the past.

Dr. Alastair Goode
Partner | house51

Looking into dial testing for your next research project? You’ve come to the right place. Dialsmith develops, sells and supports the best-in-industry Perception Analyzer dial testing solutions for in-person (focus groups and live events) and online research (surveys, focus groups and communities).  We also provide a full range of consulting services for both in-person and online dial testing focus groups. While research is our focus, we also offer ISX Scoring for real-time scoring and stats for fast-paced sports and other live events.

Explore our dial testing product and service options below or CONTACT US and we’ll get started.

Dialsmith Dial Testing Solutions Focus GroupPerception Analyzer®

The gold-standard dial testing system for focus groups and other live research sessions. Perception Analyzer gives you the ability to capture opinions individually and in the moment, pushing recall error out of the way and showing you what people really think, as they think it.




Online Dial Testing with SlidermetrixPerception Analyzer Online®

State-of-the-art, online dial testing that can be seamlessly paired with online surveys, virtual focus groups or communities to gather continuous, in-the-moment feedback on any form of recorded media.




ISX Scoring for Fast-Paced Sports Scoring, Stats and GraphicsISX Scoring™

Instant scoring and stats solution built from the ground up for the fast-paced world of action sports, offering trick-by-trick scoring and real-time display of results for venues, webcasts and television.




Dialsmith Research ServicesDialsmith Research Services

Paired with our dial testing products and services, we can work through our global field and online partners to help with research venues, sample and more. Let us assemble the right team and manage it all for you.


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