It’s amazing how much you can draw from the data dial testing provides—about emotion and tone, about how to approach sensitive issues, even about very big picture concepts.

John Garrett
political research specialist | Greenberg Quinlin Rosner

Dial testing gives you access to real-time data that tells you what your audience is thinking and feeling in the moment. Tapping into these experiences as they happen uncovers critical “moments of truth” that drive deeper, more focused qualitative discussions and impactful results. Dialsmith provides best-in-industry dial-testing solutions to researchers across various industries: media and entertainment, marketing and advertising, political and public policy, litigation, CPG and more. Whether you’re looking to purchase a dial-testing system for your own use or hire one of our expert consultants to run your next on-site or online project, Dialsmith is ready to help.

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Dialsmith Dial Testing Solutions Focus GroupIn-Person Research | Focus Groups

Put a Perception Analyzer dial in the hands of your in-person research group participants and you’ll be amazed at what you can learn. Capture continuous opinions—individually and in the moment—that aren’t clouded by recall or tainted by groupthink and other outside influences. Gather critical second-by-second feedback of live or recorded material. Get real-time data and results you can use to drive deeper, more focused follow up discussion and keep participants engaged and interacting throughout the session. GET DIALED IN >



Slidermetrix Online Dial Testing for Surveys, Virtual Focus Groups and Communities

Online Surveys | Virtual Focus Groups and Communities

Through Perception Analyzer Online, you have the ability to capture continuous, in-the-moment feedback in online surveys, virtual focus groups and communities, and websites. Mirroring in-person dial testing, with Perception Analyzer Online, research participants use an online slider to tell you exactly how they feel in the moment. Paired with world-class, online reporting tools, you’ll learn what people are thinking, allowing you to dive deeper into the why. TAKE A CLOSER LOOK >



ISX Scoring for Fast-Paced Sports Scoring, Stats and Graphics

Live Event | Sports Scoring

Through our dial-based custom scoring solution, we offer real-time scoring, stats and graphics for sports and other live events such as talent and pitch competitions. LEARN MORE >

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