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Perception Analyzer Online revealed key moments of insights that we never would’ve seen using strictly qualitative methods.

Elizabeth Merrick
senior manager, customer insights | HSN

There will always be a place for live, in-person research. But the efficiencies and flexibility of conducting research online have presented new opportunities and benefits. This is true for dial testing too. With Perception Analyzer Online®, you can leverage all the benefits of online research to dial test ads, video and audio clips, and even longer-form content consistently and reliably in surveys, online focus groups, online communities and more.

With Perception Analyzer Online:

    • Run dial testing and media evaluations online
      Gather moment-to-moment feedback on recorded video and/or audio with the efficiency of online
  • Add dial testing to surveys, other online research tools
    Seamlessly pair dial testing with your other online qual and quant tools (e.g., surveys, online focus groups, MRx communities)
    • Use PCs, Laptops, iPads and tablets
      Give participants the flexibility of dial testing on computers, iPads or other tablets
  • Access reporting and analyze data 24/7
    Analyze data, view tables and cross-tabs from within the self-service reporting portal
    • Evaluate all types of media formats
      Test anything from short video or audio clips to full length programs or anything in between
  • Export data for analysis
    Export the dial testing data into SPSS, Excel or most any analytic software tool

Here’s How Perception Analyzer Online Works

Perception Analyzer Online is a fully hosted and managed service. We handle the programming, hosting and fielding so you can focus on your study and delivering the best results for your clients. For more details, see the PERCEPTION ANALYZER ONLINE FAQ or CONTACT US to schedule a demo.

Continuous Media Evaluation

Through the use of an intuitive on-screen slider embedded in the media player, respondents continuously make adjustments based on how they feel in the moment. An optional hot key button can also be used to register “tune-out,” “buy,” or other action the participant would take during the evaluation. The result is a line graph, broken out by banner segment, and superimposed over the video.


Perception Analyzer Online’s Reporting Portal gives you real-time access to your survey and media rating data when and where you need it. Each respondent’s second-by-second data points are saved to the project’s data file, making it easy to access field and data reports, easily create banners, tables and crosstabs right in the portal, or export your data out to Excel, SPSS or most any analytic software tool.

For more details, see the PERCEPTION ANALYZER ONLINE FAQ

Full Service or A La Carte—We’ve Got You Covered

Whether you’re looking to just add Perception Analyzer Online’s dial testing capability to your existing online research tools or have the need for a full-service online survey research solution, Dialsmith can help. CONTACT US for a personalized demo or to discuss how we can help meet your research needs.

To support and complement Perception Analyzer Online, we offer a range of services to help you meet your research goals and requirements, including:

  • Survey programming and hosting
  • Project management (including support for integrating with other online services)
  • Invitation emails and reminders
  • Sample procurement and quota management
  • Coding of verbatims
  • Localization and multi-language support

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