Request Webinar: Beyond the Dials: Moving Moment-to-Moment Research Online

Beyond the Dials: Moving Moment-to-Moment Research Online

Presented originally at the 2014 CASRO Technology & Innovation event

Traditionally, “moment-to-moment research” has been conducted offline with groups using dials. Recently, to meet client demand for larger samples, faster turnaround and cost efficiency, moment-to-moment has moved online. In this presentation, find out how HSN, a company at the forefront of this mode of research, has utilized new online tools and approaches to engage its consumer community and understand how community members feel in the moment about what they’re seeing, hearing and experiencing.

What you’ll learn:

  • Best practices in online moment-to-moment dial testing research
  • How HSN uses state-of-the-art market research technology to conduct blended qual-quant research online
  • What type of results you can get from online moment-to-moment dial testing
  • Tips on how you can design your online study to maximize the impact of the results


Elizabeth Merrick, Senior Manager, Customer Insights, HSN (formerly Home Shopping Network) and David Paull, Founder & CEO, Dialsmith

Event Date: May 29, 2014  Length: 14.31

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