3 Questions to Ask to Validate Your Research Methodologies

In the market research biz, we often counsel clients that they need market research to validate what they think they know about their customers. But how often do we turn that question around and ask ourselves if we need to validate what we think we know about our research methodologies and how they fit the needs of our clients?

Here are three key questions to ask yourself and your client(s) to help ensure you know what you think you know about your research methodology hitting the mark:

    1. What are your research objectives? (i.e., what key questions do you need to answer?)
      Yes, I know… seems like a no-brainer. But defining your research objectives at project kickoff is critical, both to ensuring your methodology will deliver on the key questions your research needs to answer and that you and your client are on the same page.
    1. How will these findings be used? (i.e., what decisions/action will be made?)
      Your findings may be brilliant but if they’re not aligned with how your client plans on using them then you’re not providing full value to your client. Understanding the context of how your findings will be used will help you prioritize what your methodology needs to deliver and tailor how you deliver it.
    1. Who are my key internal stakeholders, and what level of confidence/assurance do they need to buy into the decision?
      Answering this question will inform several key factors of your methodology including the breadth and depth of data you’ll need to support your findings.

In addition to these, there are other questions you may want to consider answering such as factors relating to the cost of the research. But if you start with the three we discussed here, you’ll be covering your bases. If you have questions about your methodology, especially as it relates to dial testing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to help.

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