5 Questions with Dialed In Affiliate Shugoll Research

With the mid-term election season here, it seems like a perfect time to highlight the work of one of our Dialed In Affiliate facilities whose sweet spot is hosting political and public policy research groups. Serving the Washington, D.C. area, Shugoll Research is a premier location for a multitude of research initiatives ranging from political campaign testing to consumer product testing. Angela Lorinchak, Senior VP of Marketing and Business Development, was kind enough to take time during this busy election season to chat with us about what Shugoll is all about for the next installment of our “5 Questions with…” segment.

Q: What should clients expect from your facility when they walk in the door and what sets Shugoll Research apart?

Angela: Shugoll Research prides itself on the client experience. From the moment our clients walk in the door to the time they depart for the evening, they receive top-notch customer service. Our complimentary “Treat of the Day” package allows our clients to select a unique gift, giving them a taste of what the DC area has to offer. In addition, our moderator preference database allows us to always be prepared and track our clients’ needs before they arrive to the facility. Our veteran staff truly understands market research; they’re involved in every aspect of the project and equipped to handle all of its challenges and successes. Our staff goes above and beyond to create an atmosphere for clients so that when they leave, they comment on how they can’t wait to see us again. To us, that’s the best compliment around.

Q: Why is Shugoll Research ideal for Perception Analyzer dial sessions and what kind of feedback have you heard from clients who have run dials at your facility?

Angela: Shugoll Research is ideal for dial sessions because we have a fabulous facility in the DC area capable of holding up to 72 respondents at one time. This allows our clients to obtain in-depth insights and also affords them the opportunity to break these large sessions into smaller sessions due to the flexibility of our layout design. Our clients comment on how easy it is to run dials at our facility, how knowledgeable the staff is, and how great it is to get such valuable feedback from a large number of respondents at once. Plus, we provide the dedicated staff to assist you with your larger dial-test groups.  You don’t share client assistants with other clients. You have a team of facility assistants who are only servicing your needs and your respondents.


Q: What makes your locations in Maryland and Virginia a desirable research destination for your clients?

Angela: The greater Washington area is one of the most valuable markets in the country when it comes to research. Comprised of Washington, D.C., and the Maryland and Virginia suburbs, it’s the fifth largest U.S. metro area, with over 6 million regional residents.

It’s a thriving area, leading the nation in job growth for the past 20 years. And here’s a myth buster for you: the DC area is so much more than the Federal Government. Actually, less than 15 percent of people in this area work for the Federal Government. We have great diversity in the DC economy, and are very strong in growth industries like technology, telecommunications, financial services and healthcare. We are especially strong in many service industries like hospitality and tourism. The area also provides great access to a wide range of ethnic diversity, and we can easily handle targeted projects with African-Americans and Hispanics as well as general market recruits.

Q: What is your number one priority in creating a successful research environment in your facility?

Angela: Providing superior respondents to our clients along with our outstanding customer service will always be the number one priority of Shugoll Research. The most important aspect of the entire research project is the strength of the respondents providing the input. We are continually successful in completing low incidence recruits. Our management staff is highly trained in thinking outside the box to complete the most complicated of recruits. We take incredible pride in being able to deliver that level of service to our clients on a consistent basis. This level of commitment and attention to detail allows us to provide our clients with a truly unique experience.

Q: What aspect of the research industry inspired you to run a facility?

Angela: The uniqueness and ever-changing nature of projects in this industry is exciting. Every week is different, and being able to provide knowledge and support from the beginning of the project until the very end is rewarding. Working with a team of individuals that are equally dedicated to the profession and share that passion creates an atmosphere that ultimately provides the highest level of service to our clients.

Thanks Angela! If you’d like to learn more about Shugoll and how they can support your next dial session, go to the Shugoll Research website. For details on Dialsmith’s Dialed In Affiliate program or to access a full list of our affiliate facilities (by city), visit the Dialed In page.