Airport Art

First the JetBlue terminal at JFK gets an Oasis day spa and now the once vacant Terminal 5 at JFK gets turned into what reads like a living, breathing artistic experience. The web site is cool (turn up your speakers) and the concept actually makes me want to visit an airport terminal. All they need to do now is settle on either “Terminal 5” or “Terminal Five” as my brand-consistency early warning system started beeping when I saw both used on the web site.

Here’s their description of the project:

Terminal 5 is an event for air travel. The airport terminal designed by Eero Saarinen at John F. Kennedy Airport, New York, was left vacant in 2001. The site reopens with an exhibition curated by Rachel K. Ward to respond to the transitory nature of travel, architecture and contemporary art. Sculpture, installation, sound, performance and other media take place within the luggage carousels, ticket counters, VIP lounges, staircases and the tunnel walkway. The terminal also hosts an airport media lounge, airport gift shop and ongoing “Arrivals,” a series of public events.”

[via Right This Way]

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