“Better Man” Manifesto

After writing a previous post about how men are more and more being portrayed as dopes in advertising, I started thinking about why that is and whether men are responsible for this shift in perception (or reality), or if it’s just the flavor of the month for advertisers?  As a way of determining if others are also interested in a better understanding of this trend, I submitted a manifesto proposal to ChangeThis, entitled “Better Man,” and it was accepted as a proposal.

If enough people are also interested in my proposal, I maybe then be asked to develop it into a manifesto.  As I state in my proposal, my goal would be to try and understand why men have acquired such an unflattering reputation? What have men given-up, stopped doing and changed about their behavior that has led to this shift in perception (or reality) and what can they do to shift it back?

To read and my full proposal, click here, and if you are interested in having me develop it into a manifesto, click the “Yes, write this manifesto” button on that page. You can also click the “Send This” button on that page to share the proposal with others who you feel may be interested. If you have no idea what ChangeThis is, rather than me trying to explain it, please read the FAQ.

Hopefully enough people will be equally as curious about this and I’ll be given the opportunity to explore it in greater detail.


Read my original blog post here.

Read The New York Times article that started this here (free sub. required).

Read my ChangeThis “Better Man” proposal here and vote for it if you’re interested.

Forward my “Better Man” proposal to someone else here.